Introducing Globatalent Sports Exchange


A global marketplace for sports business and a platform to tokenize talents and sports institutions.


Globatalent gives an opportunity to everyone to economically support your favorite athletes, sports idols, clubs and more.
We are creating and enabling an ecosystem based on blockchain technology that allows tokens creation, trade and exchange, giving a new shift to sports business and providing total transparency to it.

Athletes can get funds to focus on developing their career and give back to supporters part of their revenues.

Clubs and sports institutions can obtain finance in exchange to a percentage of their ticketing, sponsorship, TV rights and more, in a transparent way.

We are backed by some of the greatest sporting figures in the world.


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How to participates

We developed a platform by using our experience and the best practices in sports business to create an extraordinary sports funding model.
Applications are open for Athletes, Clubs and Supporters to participate below:


Athletes can tokenize any types of right and share their success with fans and followers.
It is possible to tokenize every future income, from part of future incomes, image rights, fans clubs, and more.


Sports clubs or associations can tokenize any types of right to make their business closer to their fans and followers. It is possible to tokenize every future income, such as players’ transfer rights, revenues from ticketing, merchandising, etc.


Globatalent revolutionizes the sports industry allowing fans and supporters from all over the world to be part of sports business, an industry valued at USD 1.5 billion, today within the reach of very few.


Globatalent and SponB join forces to boost transparency in sports business

The companies have signed an agreement to integrate blockchain sports business tools and promote a vibrant ecosystem.

Globatalent and GSIN sign agreement to boost sports assets tokenization globally

Globatalent, leader in sports assets tokenization and GSIN Sports Investment networks, inked an agreement to engage in sport assets tokenization in several clubs around the world.

Splyce joins Globatalent’s list of official supporters

Splyce will become official supporters and join a long list of famous athletes, clubs and events that have pledged their belief into the Globatalent project. Splyce are a tier 1 eSports organization who boast a roster of some of the world’s greatest gamers from the USA, Great Britain and South Korea.

Baskonia Group and Globatalent reach sponsorship agreement

Among the main assets with the arrival of this partnership include Globatalent being the main sponsor of the clubs associated with the Baskonia-Alavés Group, NK Rudês and JS Hercules, who will wear the Globatalent logo on the chest of their game shirts.






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