Globatalent is proud to announce it’s newest supporter. FC Barcelona striker and star player Luis Suarez.

Globatalent, The Sports Blockchain platform that plans to decentralize the whole sport industry has added the Uruguayan international footballer as a supporter of its project. The platform has been created to change how sport funding is for our future generation.
Luis Suárez, currently playing for FC Barcelona has chosen to support GLOBATALENT whose objective is to open the financing of sport through a decentralization model to allow anyone to contribute to the development of clubs and athletes.

The Uruguayan striker, world famous and world class, is committed to the GLOBATALENT model and sees it as a serious contender to create opportunities and prevent any failures of sports careers due to lack of economic resources. With GLOBATALENT it is the athletes themselves who decide the benefits for the fans who support them, being able to offer a percentage on their rights, future profits, etc.

GLOBATALENT is a marketplace open to users to interact with clubs and athletes, supporting them financially and with the possibility of receiving a return in their future image rights, transfers, prizes, salaries, tickets, TV contracts or any other future income that they receive.
This marketplace is based on Blockchain technology and with it being applied to the sports industry creates an innovative concept. In this way transactions can be negotiated quickly, safely, traceable and with transparency. There are no intermediaries and every person who participates in GLOBATALENT controls their contribution at all times, guaranteeing trust for users.

GLOBATALENT is not an investment platform, but an intermediation in the financing of athletes and clubs through Blockchain technology.
Luis Alberto Suárez (Salto, Uruguay, January 24, 1987) has already accumulated a very successful international career that has enshrined him as one of the best players on the planet. His success is based on a combination of talent and deep-rooted values ​​of perseverance and work ethic which in turn will create an incredible relationship with GLOBATALENT.


Considered the best Centre Forward in the world, Luis Suarez began his professional career with the National Football Club in Uruguay where he would become a champion in the domestic league. At the age of only 19 he made the leap to Europe to play for Groningen of the Eredivisie. After only one season, he was good enough to draw the attention of the historic Ajax Amsterdam where he became the captain of the team, being the first South American to do so. His striking ability followed and he managed to score 35 goals in the league championship adding to 14 he scored in the rest of competitions to become Europe’s top scorer. In the following season he joined the select group of Ajax players who surpassed the 100 goals in the Ajax shirt that includes Johan Cruyff, Marco Van Basten and Dennis Bergkamp.

The new supporter of GLOBATALENT moved in January 2011 to the Premier League to sign for Liverpool after having won a Dutch League, a Dutch Cup and the Super Cup of the Netherlands. With the Reds, Luis Suárez won the League Cup and was included in the Premier League team of the year. His goal scoring ability was further enshrined in the 2013-14 season in which he scored 31 goals in 30 games and became the top scorer and won Premier League player of the year. These figures led him to win the European Golden Boot sharing honors with Cristiano Ronaldo.

These records were his final passport to Barcelona, ​​where he has already accumulated titles such as League Championships, Copa del Rey, Champions League, Club World Cup and European Super Cup.
With the Uruguay National Team, he has played in World Cups and won the Copa de América. He is also the top scorer for official matches of the national team overtaking Uruguay legend Diego Forlan.

GLOBATALENT now has the support of Luis Suárez in creating a model open to all users. The GLOBATALENT tokens are not an investment product nor do they grant management rights over the platform or their income. They give access to participate in the platform in which clubs and athletes decide what benefits to offer in exchange for financial support from users. GLOBATALENT allows third parties to provide different services to the participants of the ecosystem, energizing and bringing closer relations between the protagonists of the world of sports and their followers.
The Blockchain technology creates environments of value exchange without intermediaries at a global level. The tokenization of players or sports clubs will allow everyone to support their favorite club or athlete directly. Tokenization is part of the next Internet technological revolution at the hands of Blockchain and GLOBATALENT takes it to the world of sports to bring fans and athletes together. Luis Suárez supports this incredible project which will change the conception of the sports model forever.


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